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Steve McChesney

Motivational Speaker - Marketing, Sales, Copywriting, Stress Management
“An Amazing Experience”
“Excellent insights were shared. The workshop was informative, interesting and relevant. Mr. McChesney had a great delivery style which was most engaging and a wealth of information. Thank you!” Dorothy Mueller, Homes of Charity

“Steve is an attention grabber. He engages the audience and keeps you thinking throughout his presentation. He displays great energy and smiles the whole time.”

Lesley Poindexter, Project Administrator, MARTA

“Steve was awesome. Everything was clear and concise. Whenever I had questions, he made sure I understood the content before moving on.” Melody Hutchison, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Steve was fantastic. His experience and knowledge on this subject made the class exciting and enjoyable! Thank you.”

Casey McCarroll, Marketing Coordinator, W.B. Homes, Inc.

“Very informative. Steve was great. Very interesting & engaging.” Justin Mock, M&T Bank Corporation

“Excellent – I learned so much that I am taking back to work tomorrow. I am energized and feel like this can breathe new life in to my job.”

Lynn Gano, Creative Brand Manager, Cardinal Systems, Inc.

“Wow! Which generation and which communication style?”

“Steve was awesome, very engaging. Real world examples.” Kimberley Baker, Greater Houston Partnership

“I’d love to learn more from Steve. His knowledge is unmatched, it seems. I hope we can take more of his workshops!!” Christina Yeager, Strike USA

“Great use of stories, and just the right amount of interaction & application. I enjoyed Steve’s teaching practices very much!” Anne Duggan, Ciminelli Real Estate

Keynote Topic

Marketing to the Generations

(The beautiful ‘Redhead’ Jean Ziglar)

Our customers were rasied with certain values and beliefs: Traditional, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, or the Yet to be Named. You must speak their language if you want them to do business with you.

Communication Style

(The master: Zig Ziglar)

Some people want all of the details, some want the cliff notes. Communicate with your customer in the style they prefer.


We are all motivated. Which are your (or your customer’s) hot buttons: Fear, Pleasure, Comfort, Ego, Generosity, Curiosity, Love, Convience,  Health, Mental Stimulation.

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